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I have written a screenplay based on my besteselling book The Golden Ring - A Christmas Story which was selected as a semi-finalist in the Search Screenwriting Awards and it made it to the top 25% in the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards. It has been optioned twice. It received an initial favorable reaction but was later determined to be too Christian for their television outlets. In pursuit of a theatrical or streaming release, in January 2017, I began working with Jeff Sheets, President of EchoLight Movie Studios, who showed great interest in my project. However, in May of 2017, EchoLight ceased its production operations and is now solely a distributor and Jeff left the company that month. He referred the project to multi-Emmy award winning producer, Dan Angel (President of Fezziwig Film Studios), who fell in love with it. I have been working with Dan ever since.

Based on the book THE GOLDEN RING - A CHRISTMAS STORY written by John Snyder and published by Warner Books (2001).

Time Period: Days Before Christmas - 1918

After the tragic loss of his son, a father loses his Christmas spirit and turns his back on God, who he feels has abandoned him. This causes tension and stress in the family. Guided by cryptic dreams of Jesus, a series of mysterious coincidences and his daughter’s unselfish acts, he rediscovers his faith and the true meaning of Christmas.


The impoverished SCHULTZ family’s bad luck turns even worse when their run down cabin burns to the ground, forcing them on a long journey through the snow in their horse drawn wagon to, hopefully, stay with FRANK SCHULTZ’S (the father) estranged brother and his family. Along the way, their wagon breaks down in Meyersdale, a small town where MARTHA SCHULTZ, (the daughter - age nine), is befriended by ANNA BEAL, a precocious nine year old. Anna’s father, JOSEPH BEAL, a locomotive engineer, is a bitter man who has turned his back to GOD and Christmas due to a family tragedy that occurred several Christmases ago. Joseph and Anna share a series of cryptic dreams of JESUS and about giving. Anna’s dreams move her to give Martha her prized gold ring for the family to sell and buy provisions. This angers Joseph.

On the morning of Christmas Eve, Joseph pilots a train full of coal to a distant town where he and his crew will await a Meyersdale bound freight train for their return trip. Their wagon repaired, The Schultz family continues their perilous journey to Frank’s brother’s place as a blizzard closes in. By the afternoon the blizzard hits full fury, closing the tracks and delaying Joseph’s train. The Schultz family struggles through it. Walking the streets of the town to kill time Joseph is drawn to a tiny shop like the one he saw in one of his dreams. What occurs in this humble little store and events that take place on his layover forever change Joseph’s feelings towards his faith and Christmas, prompting him to forgive God for taking his young son.

Just before dark the Schultz family arrives at their destination. Frank’s reunion with Henry gets off to a rocky start, but ends in heart-felt reconciliation as Henry invites Frank to stay and work on the farm. 

Joseph and his crew battle the snow all night - almost getting stranded. Arriving home early Christmas Morning Joseph surprises Anna with a gold ring to replace the one she gave to Martha - a ring with a compelling past that he purchased in the shop. But, the biggest surprise is his renewed faith and understanding of the holiday. Joseph gives his family the best gift they ever received when he suggests that they all go to church to celebrate the birth of Jesus.
© 2001 - Present by John Snyder
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