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Excerpts From Media Reviews ...

"I read a lot of fiction, particularly Christian fiction. And I enjoy novellas, particularly Christmas stories. Having read scorers of them over the past decade or so, I can say without reservation that in every regard -- style, story, substance -- The Golden Ring merits a place on the Christmas Classics shelf right alongside A Christmas Carol, The Other Wise Man and more contemporary bestsellers VanLiere's The Christmas Shoes or Richard Paul Evans' The Christmas Box." AMERICAN FAMILY ASSOCIATION - Randall Murphree, Editor

"A new book published last year must be added to your collection and given as gifts. "The Golden Ring" by John Snyder is destined to become a classic that will be read chapter by chapter by anyone who wants to get closer to the essence of Christmas."
Jill Kamp
The Washington Times - Washington, DC

"THE GOLDEN RING is not only a meaningful gift for those you love, but will also serve as a catalyst for giving and receiving your own family stories. What better package to place under the tree?"
Jamie Whitfield

"This is a book that is a must read for the holidays."
Ella Leasure
Morning Personality - WROG-FM Hit Country 102.9 - Cumberland, MD

"One of the most incredible stories I have run across for a long time." ... "This is a story you'll want to read every Christmas." ... "It really puts the heart into what the Christmas season should be all about." ... "It's a beautiful story that embodies the true meaning of Christmas." ... "A few tears came to my eyes when reading this book." ... "It makes you feel warm all over. It was so realistic, I put myself in every scene. I was there."
Dr. Jerry Fuller
Talk Show Host - WGTS-FM
- Silver Spring, MD

"Here is a story that deals with the real meaning of Christmas. This is the kind of story you that you could sit around with the entire family and read. It's very entertaining - very heart-warming."
Doug Griffith - WAYM-FM - Nashville, TN

"What started out as a simple conversation over a cup of coffee between a grandson and his grandmother turned into a Christmas story that pulls on the heartstrings and stirs emotions that readers may not have known existed" ..."For a gift for someone special, no matter what age, or a gift to warm the heart, touch the senses and travel to a place never seen before..."
Thomas Dennison
The Enquirer Gazette - Upper Marlboro, MD

"It was Snyder's curiosity that led him to question Anna Snyder. It was intrigue which led to the investigation of her biographical and historical recounts. But it was the writer in Snyder which allowed him to combine loving memories with factual information and comprise a loving, warm Christmas book which can warm the heart on a chilly day this holiday season."
Barbara Bolden, Managing Editor
The Prince George's Sentinel - Lanham, MD

"The Golden Ring is an old-fashioned story, mixing the simple joys of Christmas past, with Christian beliefs and spirituality, a touch of magic, and an emphasis on family and the true meaning of the holiday. The Golden Ring reminded me somewhat of Louisa May Alcott's An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving, dwelling on the same sorts of details of a family holiday. It's a heartwarming tale with an ending that is surprising, yet provides a sense of symmetry. Add it to your collection of Christmas classics to be read aloud to younger members of the family or quietly to yourself, as a lesson to the kids and a reminder to the rest of us of what the holiday should be all about."
Hilary Williamson
Bookloons Teens Review

"This is a short and pleasant story that will set the tone for this blessed season."
David Agriesti <>

"The Golden Ring is a wonderful testimony to the miracles laden in the Christmas season." Book Reviews

"The Golden Ring is a touching, beautiful Christmas story that brought tears to my eyes. John Snyder has captured the true spirit of Christmas, both the religious & festive sides of the holiday. Surprisingly, it is a true story that his beloved Grandmother told him one Christmas a little while before she passed away. I loved this book. I recommend it for a good Christmas read. It’s definitely a four-tea-cupper!"

Excerpts from some cards, letters and emails written by readers ...

"I just had to write to you after finishing your book, THE GOLDEN RING. It is 2:00 A.M. here in Wilmington, DE. I started your book before going to bed at midnight and just finished, WOW! What a story!!!!! There are not many stories that have affected me as much. The true spirit and meaning of Christmas was found in your book and I so wanted to share that with you. Thank you for the wonderful story, I plan to save this and share it with my girls some day, and there aren't too many books you can say that about." - Ellen Anderson, Wilmington, DE

"This is one of the best books I have read in a very long time. I could just about feel the snow on my face as I read it. Thank you for your talent and ability to put this story on paper." - Linda Tyndall, Creedmoor, NC.

"The book made me cry, smile & laugh. Very enjoyable reading. I thought it was one of the most beautiful stories I have ever read."
- Katherine, Los Angeles, CA.

"I was unable to put it down except, of course, to replenish my tissue supply." - Sandra Robinson, Stafford, VA.

"It was one of the best books I have ever read, and I read a lot! I am anxious to read your new novel you are working on. I loved your characters, they were so real. Thanks again for your wonderful book." - Carolyn Melton, Cedar Rapids, IA.

"After September 11th, my family joined the world in sorrow. Everyone in my family said that they didn't want to celebrate Christmas in our usual fashion of decorating, they'd rather not even put up a tree. My family compromised with me - we will just put up a tree and I will decorate a small pine in front of the house with red, white and blue lights and Angels on either side to honor those we have lost in the Trade Center. But it is because of your book that I was able to do this with new a understanding of Christmas. Thank you so much for your book. I will take it out every year to place on my coffee table to share." - Angela, NY

"I loved it!!!! I cried and I laughed. I felt such warmth after reading it - almost as if I knew your grandmother myself." - Shonda Fischer.

"I just want to thank you for sharing your Christmas story. My wife gave me an autographed copy of your book for Christmas and I decided to take it with me to the ship. Thank you for the wonderful message. More than ever, I will value and cherish the time I may share with my family." - Mark Arrieta, USS Theodore Roosevelt

"I just finished reading your incredible book. Thank you ... It was the holiday lift I really needed. I was so comforted by your story. It somehow made me realize how wonderful my life is. You have a way with story telling. Please continue to write books. Thank you for letting me have one very enjoyable evening." - Karen, Cleveland, OH.

" I am sitting at my computer with tears in my eyes as I have, just moments ago, finished reading your book. What a magnificent story! I was so touched by your grandmother's loving and gentle heart. It is so nice to read a story with so much love in it." - Helen Koepper, Millersville, MD

"Oh, where do I begin ... I just wanted to thank you for one fo the most beautiful books I have ever read. I cried and cried towards the end of the story. As we opened our gifts this holiday season I couldn't help but think of your grandmother and my thoughts were with you and how blessed you were to hear that wonderful story." - Joan Smith, Westerly, RI.

"What a beautiful story. I felt like I was there. Thanks for opening up my eyes and heart. I'm passing your book on to my friends." - Sharon Kernen, Bloomingdale, OH.

"I am a guy 34 ... I almost cried ... And I'm a tough guy. It was very, very moving - that last paragraph about the girl looking at her father one last time." - Steve.

... "as an avid reader I usually spend the month of December reading Christmas stories and I've just finished THE GOLDEN RING. This is one of the best and will take its place on my special shelf for favorites." - Anonymus.

"I bought your book last Saturday. I have to tell you, I liked it very, very much. I had intended to read it on my flight home, but as soon as I got to my hotel that very night, I couldn't resist and started to read it. I only finished reading when I had gotten to the last word of it. By that time I had scattered a full box of kleenex (pretty soaked) all around me. The story really moved me, and I love the way you describe things. I love it when pictures (and smells, and sounds, and feelings) are created with simple words, not with extravagant constructions you have to puzzle over and take a guess what could possibly be meant. I still wonder why I ended up at that mall after all. On that day, I was just passing through, got completely lost in Salisbury, took one wrong turn after the other, and finally found myself in the parking lot of the Mall. Thinking that it would do me good to stretch my legs for a while, I started strolling through the shops, had a drink, and had just made up my mind to go back to the car, when I saw the sign of that bookshop. "Well, just a look at some books," I told myself, "and then I'll go." That's when I was drawn to your desk. I don't regret it. I hope you're selling many many more of your books." - Muriel Thomi - Switzerland.

"This was a wonderful story!!! ... I read the book straight through - couldn't put it down before I finished it" ... - Kathy Weiland, Trout Run, PA.

"Your book touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes at various times. How beautifully you brought the true meaning of Christmas into fold. I will be praying that The Golden Ring will be made into a movie - with no deviations. We need more of that type of story on our screens today." - Linda Cooper, Miami, FL.

"Thank you for sharing your beautiful story! I'm 53 years old and thought I had a good handle on giving, but your story makes me rethink "giving". I cried when I learned of Joseph's death that same holiday season. Treasure your loved ones, Mr. Snyder. Your book made me take a long look at the meaning of love and my loved ones. Thank you again." - Jean Warder

"What a BEAUTIFUL story and what an accomplished writer you are!!! Thank you for writing this very heartwarming story which moved me to tears. You certainly have a way with words and you captivate the reader to the point of not wanting to put the book down." - Ruby McLaughlin, Sallas Center, IA.

It was great! I couldn't put it down. It was a wonderful story! I did cry at the end. It was very moving." - Julie Keller, Beaver Crossings NE.

"I just finished reading THE GOLDEN RING for the second time. Thank you for writing the book. I can't really find the words to tell you how comforting your book was to me. Your portrayal of Anna was so beautiful. I have to tell you that I plopped down on my bed one afternoon to enjoy your book. I remember I was chewing gum and I was so surprised when I got to the part where Anna's father has his vision of Christ that I stopped chewing! I was so surprised I read that part a second time! I really wanted to finish your book then, and the more I read, the faster I wanted to finish. I feel that if people read your book, maybe they would come to know Jesus. I thought your book was beautifully written. I hope that you will continue to write such inspiring and uplifting stories." - Kathy Diamond, Newton, NJ.

"This is a wonderful story. I read it in one sitting. Needless to say, the tears flowed during the final chapter" ... - Marcia Lautzenheiser, New Philadelphia, OH.

"I loved The Golden Ring! I didn’t put the book down until I was finished. I cried and I laughed!!! I had the warmest feeling after reading this book!" - Sondra Fischer, Jefferson City, MO.

... "I haven't read anything but medical reports in such a long time. I can honestly say you touched my heart and brought back so many memories and reminded me of things I need to do." - Judy Stanfield, Warminster, PA.

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I had a hard time putting it down. That's what makes a good book. It sent a message to all of us. That God is out there and to put your trust in him. Thank you for writing this book." - Lois Dyer, Vassalboro, ME.

"What a blessing - it truly touched my heart! It sends an important message - and we need that - especially after Sept. 11. Your grandmother's story will be with me forever." - Norma Lamar, Kernersville, NC.

"Thank you for the lovely Christmas gift. I have been moved to tears. I have quite a collection of Christmas themed books that I bring out each holiday season. THE GOLDEN RING is now one of my favorites." - Beth Eddy, Imlay City, MI.

"My husband and I read your book and enjoyed it immensely. We couldn't put it down until we finished, which was too soon." - Polly & Dave Miller, Clear Spring, MD

"I received a copy of your book as a Christmas present. I just finished reading the book. I think this is the best book I have ever read and would strongly recommend it to others." - Susan Filsinger, Huntington Beach, CA.

"This was such a wonderful book. With every page, I fell more in love with this family. Thank you for sharing this story with us." - Bridget Brutski, Woodbridge, VA.

"It was terrific and I just loved the heartwarming story" ... - Mary Hinkel, Hobe Sound, FL.

"What a fantastic read!" - Tina Peterson, Gwinn, MI.

"I'm a person that doesn't read much. Due to unexpected events, your book had to wait until today. It's like it was calling me again. I just finished it a few minutes ago. The message was wonderful. The story touched me places I thought were numb. Thank you for sharing a special part of your grandmother with us." - Gail Stevens, Atchison, KS.

"I LOVED IT! I'm passing it along to my girlfriend. It truly touched my heart. It should be made into a movie!" - Anonymous.

... "It brought tears to my eyes" ... - Anne Yahl, Wapakoneta, OH

... "couldn't put it down until I finished it." - Jessie Lala, Chattanooga, TN.

"I just completed reading your lovely book, "The Golden Ring". I just had to send you an e-mail and relate to you the wonderful, warm feeling I experienced when I read the last page of the book. What a lady Anna was, and it seems to me that she instilled her wonderful spirit in you to write this treasure." - Gail Snyder (No Relation) Vestal, NY.

"I have now read THE GOLDEN RING several times. Each time, my heart is warmed and encouraged by this story of love and sacrifice. I enjoyed the book so much that I have given a dozen copies as gifts to family and friends. They, in turn, have also given the book to their friends. I would encourage everyone to share this wonderful story with someone they love." Larry Smith, Monument, CO.

... "It is the best love story I have ever read. It made me realize just how many people have forgotten the real meaning of Christmas. Jesus took my John home a year ago Christmas. We were married for 38 years and I still miss him very much. Until I read your book, I never realized what a wonderful day God picked to take John home. ... I will always remember this story and will read it many times. Keep writing books like this and you will always have a loyal fan in me. I cried through the whole thing." - Charlotte Gordonwood, Shawsville, VA

"This book is a heartwarming reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. The author has exceptional talent using word pictures that enable you to visualize the scenes as if you are watching a movie rather than reading a book. It is a classic and one you will want to read over and over again." - Darleen Aronhalt, Richmond, VA.

“I just read the preview of your book and cannot wait to finish your loving tale. I started reading and could not help feeling the love that must have been in the room when your grandmother told you her story.” - Rita Carter, Akron, OH.

"Firstly, I would like to thank you for sharing your grandmother, Anna's touching story with us. I have read many book, but this is by far is the BEST! I cried and I laughed. THE GOLDEN RING is truly a blessing and a lesson that life works in mysterious ways." - Sandra Pedretti, Newmarket, Ontario - Canada

"It was a book I couldn't put down." - Bette Noval, Oklahoma City, OK

... "a wonderful book! It was such a great read. Thank you again, to your granmother and to you for sharing. It surely helped me in my Christian walk. I look forward to you new book." - Nancy Wrisley, Syracuse, NY.

"Just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful story. I bought the book as a gift and as I lay home today not feeling well, I decided to read it. I was taken in by the Beal family for the afternoon and enjoyed the visit. If your grandma was anything like Anna in the story, your are a blessed man ... with a heritage to pass on. I'm sure I'll be buying several more copies!"
- Margie Nicholson, Bowie, MD

“We met at Springfield Borders this week during your book signing. I am Jim Brown (chaplain at Alexandria hospital). It is Sunday Dec 26th and I just finished reading your book. I found it very touching in many ways. My father worked on a locomotive similar to the one on the book's cover. He was a fireman in the early 1940's. I was born in 1937 and in 1942 when he returned from one of these trips he gave me a pin with my name on it and the date 1942. It had a pearl handle gun (charm) attached to it. I lost the gun years ago and replaced it with a gold one. After finishing the book I went to my jewelry box and held it as I thought about my relationship with my dad during his lifetime (he died in 1979). Life was not easy in 1942; however, my family always had a good Christmas. Reading the book helped make this holiday even more special. I will give the copy you signed to my godchild; however, I will get another copy for myself. I am interested in hearing about you next book. Best wishes for a wonderful New Year.”
- Jim Brown, Lorton, VA.

"Wow! It made me laugh and it made me cry. Thank you for sharing this story." - Jeanette Chamberlain, Mineral, WA.

“A signed copy of your book was given to my three daughters as a Christmas gift this year by my cousin. I home school our three daughters (ages 11, 9 and 5) and enjoy reading good books to them aloud. What a blessing your book was to our family! We read THE GOLDEN RING this past week and all of us absolutely loved it! As I finished each chapter my daughters begged for another and each day couldn't wait for our "reading time" to see what happened next. Boopie was a big favorite. I thought that your book was very well written with beautiful word pictures. Our interest was kept high throughout the story and my eldest daughter and I were literally in tears at the end. The book also generated some wonderful family discussions about giving and how God works in our lives… Thank you for writing such a wonderful book. We plan to start a yearly Christmas tradition of reading THE GOLDEN RING as a family.” - Ivy Barnett, Olney, MD.

"I'm quite a reader of anything having to do with Christian authors. I especially like to read Christmas stories around that most blessed time of year. The Golden Ring is, by far, one of my most favorite's of all. I just could not put it down. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story." - Alline Morehouse, Newark, OH.

"I read the Christmas story,"The Golden Ring," by John Snyder, with tears in my eyes. It brought back fond memories of stories my grandmother used to tell me when I was young. I lost my grandmother almost 20 years ago, and I am now a grandmother myself. Thank you, FAMILY CIRCLE and Mr. Snyder for making my Christmas brighter this year. Coincidentally, my family is also Beal." - Judie Beal, Fair Oaks, CA.

"Just finished your beautiful story. My daughter met you at the bookstore and you signed the book for me. It reminded me of The Christmas Box. Just perfect Christmas reading. I'll get it out again this Christmas and enjoy it again. Thanks for a wonderful, moving book." - Elaine Antkowiak, Baltimore, MD.

"I am reading the book now, and can't seem to put it down. It's one of the best books I have bought in a long, long time." - Catherine Teeter, Fort Drum, NY.

"This was the greatest book. I felt so warm inside. The closer I got to the end, I wished it would never end." ... "I will say, this book will be treasured by me and my family. Thank you, John Snyder, for sharing your grandmother's story with us." - Jen Whitlock, Richmond, VA.

"I read your story in Family Circle on Christmas Eve night. My husband (Santa) and I had been working on, of all things, a train table for our 2 choo choo lovers - Savannah age 5 and Cameron age 2. I Read your story through my tears. It's so beautiful! I had to go in and kiss both of my own snoozing engineers. Thanks for reminding me of what truly matters." - Stephanie Brown, Providence, KY.

“THE GOLDEN RING was a holiday gift. It is a Christmas treasure as a story. Holly Bario's comment saying this book "exhibits a perfection reminiscent of Norman Rockwell's paintings ..." is right on target. As an elementary school administrator I would recommend this piece of literature to teach children the character traits we want them to have. I believe the story would make a great television movie, similar to the style of show done by Hallmark.” - John P. Reuschlein, Cumberland, MD.

“It was nice meeting you on Sunday when my daughters and I came to the book signing. I finished the book last night and I really enjoyed …I enjoyed the message that love, caring and giving make a difference in peoples' lives. Anna must have be a very special person to have learned that lesson so young. This book would make such a great Christmas special…I think that when people hear about this book they will want to read it. Merry Christmas to you and your family.”
Debbie Couture, Dale City, VA.

“I just want to let you know that I have added your book to my Christmas wish list for my husband.”
- Peggy Timms, Sterling, VA.

“I heard the author tell about this book on the radio this morning. It caught my attention and I made a mental note of the web site address he mentioned. I have reviewed the chapters of the book and loved it. I am going to purchase the book this Saturday at Borders and I am hoping to have it signed by the author. Great Story...” - Janine Marcus, Frederick, MD.

“Loved it! It’s like the stories I read as a girl, - hummm that was a while ago. We are looking forward to your next one. Keep the "clean" ones coming. Much success with this one.” - Eve Kingsbury, Venice, FL.

"This was such a wonderful book. With every page, I fell more in love with this family. Thank you for sharing this story with us." - Bridget Brutski, Woodbridge, VA.

"I met you at the Country Club Mall in December 1999. I purcahsed some books from you at that time. I am an English teacher in Petersburg, WV. The book is wonderful! I received a copy of your book from a dear friend of mine this Christmas, and I have read it again, enjoying the tender story as much as the first time I read it. Again, congratulations on your wonderful book." - Jo Ann Harman, Petersburg, WV.

"I sat down the other day and started reading your book and couldn't put it down. I just wanted to share with you how much I truly enjoyed your wonderful story." - Peggy Smith, Annapolis, MD.

"So pleased to finally find and be able to to order your book "The Golden Ring". The book will be a treasured gift to our granddaughter, who loves to read. Your book will be extra special - as her and I have a story about a birth stone ring that she has. I just was taken back when I read the story in Family Circle. Thank you so much." - Evylyn Hlady, Dearborn Heights, MI.

"'The Golden Ring was a beautiful book, well written and very enjoyable. As you read it, you feel like you are right there with these people. Just like you were one of the family. I enjoyed it so very much. Once I started to read it, I just couldn't put it down. Again, thank you for a very beautifully written book. I loved it." - Thelma Walk, Lancaster, PA.

"I cannot thank you enough for sharing your grandmother's story ... I have printed out the online form and will be ordering each of my two granddaughters your book to put under the tree this year. Christmas in our house is loaded with love and, yes, presents. However, each year I do try to give them a "memory" for the time when I am no longer here to spend Christmas with them. One year, it was a night at the theater to see the Nutcracker - another year, it was a trip to Harpers Ferry, VW for an old fashion Christmas. This year, I have decided that a golden ring for each will be given with their own copy of the book." - Sharon Banzhoff, Williamsport, MD.

"I saw you promoting your book on WJZ-TV and just had to get it. I thought my grandchildren would love to read a book which takes place in Meyersdale, a place they know. Before wrapping up the book for them, I read it. I found that I could not put it down. It was fabulous. I think this would make a fantastic movie. It teaches us just what Christmas is all about. Thanks for the book. I look forward to reading your next one." - Carolyn Shoemake, Frostburg, MD.

"For the past 5 or 6 years I have made it a habit to purchase a book with a Christmas theme to read during my extra time off and also to display - sort of as a Christmas decoration. This year I happened to pick up your book, "The Golden Ring". I didn't actually pick it up to read until the Tuesday after Christmas. I finished it this morning. There were many parts that brought tears to my eyes, but the last few chapters really made me sad and cry. It was a wonderful story. I often have thoughts of how nice it would be if life were as simple and basic as it was back then. I get tired of the commercialism. It is so much more fun to just spend good quality time with those that you love. My Lord is my life and my family is most important to me. This theme comes through loud and clear in your book, which hit my heart immediately. Thank you for this great gift this holiday season." - Arlene Richardson, Niles, MI.

"What a fabulous book! ... I cannot wait to share this book with my children. It has also made me realize that it is important to document the old stories told to me as a child from grandparents and other family members." - Susan Leidich, Bowie, MD.

"What a wonderfully encouraging and uplifting story for this Christmas season." - Nancy Wigmore, Smithfield, NC.

"I just finished reading "The Golden Ring". I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. I felt as though I was there. The images seemed so clear in my mind. Needless to say tears were streaming down my cheeks" ... - Bonnie.

"I truly enjoyed The Golden Ring. I usually do not like to read, however I found that I couldn't put it down. It has really touched me."
- Rhonda Brown, Toledo, IL.

"I read your book "The Golden Ring" recently while flying home from visiting my parents. I so enjoyed the story and couldn’t put it down." - Kathy O'Keefe.

"A friend gave me a copy of "The Golden Ring" and told me it was a must read at Christmas. It is an amazing story and poignant is truly descriptive of it." - Frances Meyers Baltzegar, Greenwood, SC.

"What a beautiful, meaningful story.. I just completed reading it with tears in my eyes. Well, I guess to be honest, it happened several times ..." - Stephanie Smith, Pennsylvania.

"It was a delightful story and I could hardly put the book down once I began reading. Of course, at the end tears streamed down my cheeks ..." - Caroline, Lakeland, FL.

" I can't begin to tell you what (THE GOLDEN RING) meant to me. The story of the Beals touched my heart ..." - MaryAnn Rice.

"My heart is heavy because for years my sisters and I said that we needed to spend time with our grandmother and get her to recount family stories so we would always have them. Sadly, we didn't and she took lots of memories to her grave. Reading the book though, enabled me to live vicariously through your grandmother's story." - Tammy Gore, Wrightsville Beach, NC.

"I enjoyed it thoroughly. Nowadays it is so difficult to find a really good book to read. I work in our local library and often donate my books so others may share them, but I hesitate to donate THE GOLDEN RING because I know I will want to re-read it. - Betty Ducharme, Bicknell, IN.

"What a beautiful Christmas story. The funny part that I would like to share with you is ... it was purchased by accident. My girlfriend wanted to surprise me with a Christmas story that I had seen in the bookstore ... (one that's out - I don't even recall the name) and purchased yours instead. What a wonderful mistake. I read it in just over a day. Thanks so much for the enjoyable reading." - Therese Wilson.
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