About John Snyder
I was born and raised in Cumberland, a small mountain town in western Maryland. I graduated from Allegany High School (Cumberland) and the University of Maryland (College Park) with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. My first job was a Parole and Probation Agent with the Maryland Division of Parole and Probation. I supervised a caseload of adult parolees and probationers before being assigned to the investigative unit. I served on numerous task forces and worked on special assignments with the headquarters office on legislative and policy issues. I also worked on special assignment with the Warrants Unit transporting parolees, arrested in other states, back to Maryland for prosecution. To earn additional income, I worked part-time as a real estate agent and a bounty hunter. At the age of 26, my interest in politics led me to seek a seat in the Maryland Legislature. Well ... my inexperienced and under financed campaign did not lead to a career in politics - needless to say! But, I look back on the experience as a valuable one.

In 1981 I founded my own marketing firm. My firm specialized in public relations, sports marketing and advertising. Over the years my business prospered and grew. The Snyder Group, Inc. developed and implemented national award-winning marketing campaigns for regional and national corporations. My firm has also worked with and represented some of the world's top professional athletes, sports franchises (including The Washington Capitals of the NHL, The Washington Bullets of the NBA, and top INDYCAR teams, NASCAR teams and teams in other prominent racing series), as well as nationally televised sporting events.

I resided in Maryland (near Annapolis) from my college years until April of 2004. Seeking a more relaxed atmosphere, I moved to North Carolina with my wife, Ruth Ellen. I have two beautiful daughters, Nikki and Carli, both adults now.

When not writing, my interests and hobbies include spending time with my family and friends, camping, hiking, golf, motorsports (I have raced karts - capable of speeds in excess of 100mph, pit crewed in the Indianapolis 500, and operated the driver communications board from the wall at the edges of speedways across the United States for my former client, two-time Indy 500 winner and national auto racing champion, Al Unser, Jr). I also enjoy in-line skating, mountain biking, politics (I'm a "news junkie"), nature and making a positive difference in the lives others. 

Two of my books have been published by "The Big 5" publishers. My first, The Golden Ring: A Christmas Story (Warner Books - 2001), was hugely successful and had great sales. My latest, Jacob's Bell: A Christmas Story (Hachette Book Group), was released on October 2, 2018 nationally in bookstores and online. It is available as a hardcover, ebook and audio book (CD and MP3 formats).
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