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NOTE: This is my latest book that I am currently writing. The first 3 chapters and the last chapter are complete, and the plot is complete as I work to fill in a detailed outine of the story into my manuscript. It's still a work in progress.

It begins in 1966 in a small town in Maryland. Kurt Robertson, the high school quarterback, and Molly Turner are that "All American Couple" and the envy of their classmates. They are deeply in love. Kurt is heavily recruited by major college football coaches and has a bright future in the sport. A family tragedy causes Kurt to forego a college football scholarship to Ohio State and join the Army in service to his country in Vietnam. Miscommunications, lost letters and a devious boyfriend Molly meets in college keep Kurt and Molly apart. Molly discovers Kurt’s name on a Vietnam MIA bracelet and assumes he is dead. Forty-five years later, during a chance meeting at the Vietnam Memorial, she discovers the truth.
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Image: Cover of The Bracelet
The Bracelet
A Vietnam Era Love Story