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Tangier's Song
A Love Story
John Crockett and Rachael McFarland couldn’t be any more different. Rachael - a career-driven, frustrated television reporter from Baltimore, and John, a laid-back waterman with an interesting past, living on a small island in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay, yearning to escape his life there, but uncontrollable circumstances impede his departure.

Assigned to do a feature on the watermen of the remote island, Rachael packs her things in a huff and embarks on her assignment. Obviously, she’s not thrilled with the task either - another “softball story” void of any possibilities that would make a significant contribution to her news reel and her ambition to become a respected journalist. The island is a throw-back in time, decades behind Rachael’s liking. “Nothing like spending the weekend with a bunch of red-neck fishermen.”

Desperate for an interview, Rachael quickly finds the islanders inhospitable and unwilling to cooperate with a big city TV reporter from the mainland. A chance meeting with John gets off to a rocky start, but he reluctantly agrees to an interview, which turns into much more than Rachael bargained for- a romance beleaguered by their differences, the complications of long distance love and the appearance of a persistent boyfriend.

An unscrupulous company dumps chemicals into in the bay, grinding the fishing industry to a halt on the island, fueling the flames of their waning love for one another and finally providing Rachael with a news story she can sink her teeth into. Together they make headlines when they solve the mystery, propelling Rachael’s career and leading to a job offer from one of the networks in New York - a life long dream.

Rachael’s obsession with her career and John’s headstrong ways strain their relationship. Someone must change their life to conform to the other’s. Sacrifices have be made. Dreams must be altered. Can two strong-willed people compromise enough to save their relationship? Warm summer breezes and romantic sunsets make falling in love real easy. But, sometimes overcoming the obstacles standing in the way of everlasting love can be much more daunting.

I am currently seeking a publisher for my book and hope to have some good news soon.