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NOTE: The story is set in Chicago and Baltimore in 1944 with flashbacks backs to the 1920s and 1930s.

Sometimes to road to redemption and forgiveness can be a rocky one. Thatís what Jacob MacCallum discovered on his arduous journey. At one time, Jacob had it all; wealth, a wonderful family and he was one of the most respected businessmen in Chicago. Then he made some bad decisions and all that changed. For the past twenty years he has been in an alcohol induced haze, riddled with guilt for the dreadful things he has done to his family and his role in the untimely death of his wife. Estranged from his family and penniless, he has been living in jails, on the street and jumping freight trains for transportation. Realizing he is on the downhill side of life, Jacob embarks on a journey to find his children, seek their forgiveness and reunite with them. Befriended by a pastor at a Salvation Army mission, he struggles to transform his life, finally overcoming his demons, but not without a fair number of setbacks. Jacob becomes a Salvation Army Bell Ringer at Christmastime. While ringing his bell on a street corner he meets a young girl who, through a series of strange coincidences, leads him back to his family and facilitates his forgiveness just in time for Christmas.

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Jacob's Bell - A Christmas Story
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