I have signed a book deal for Jacob's Bell - A Christmas Story with FaithWords, an imprint of Hachette Book Group - the publisher that purchased Warner Books who published my book, The Golden Ring. The book is scheduled for release, nationwide, in bookstores and retailers on October 2, 2018. FaithWords has designed a beautiful cover (below).

I have written a screenplay based on The Golden Ring - A Christmas Story which was selected as a semi-finalist in the Search Screenwriting Awards and it made it to the top 25% in the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards. My screenplay has been optioned twice. I own all the rights to my screenplay and continue to pursue a movie deal. Several producers have teamed up and are workig with sudios to obtain funding for have my screenplay for The Golden Ring mde into a movie.

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Jacob's Bell - A Christmas Story is scheduled to be released October 2, 2018