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Thank you for visiting my Publisher's Page, designed to give interested publishers information about my project, Tangier's Song. I hope you will review my information and consider giving Tangier's Song a home with your company.

Tangier's Song (commercial fiction) is 84,000 words long. Here is a sample about the story.

John Crockett and Rachael McFarland couldn’t be any more different. Rachael - a career-driven, frustrated television reporter from Baltimore, and John, a laid-back waterman with an interesting past, living on a small island in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay, yearning to escape his life there, but uncontrollable circumstances impede his departure.

Assigned to do a feature on the watermen of the remote island, Rachael packs her things in a huff and embarks on her assignment. Obviously, she’s not thrilled with the task either - another “softball story” void of any possibilities that would make a significant contribution to her news reel and her ambition to become a respected journalist. The island is a throw-back in time, decades behind Rachael’s liking. “Nothing like spending the weekend with a bunch of red-neck fishermen.”

Desperate for an interview, Rachael quickly finds the islanders inhospitable and unwilling to cooperate with a big city TV reporter from the mainland. A chance meeting with John gets off to a rocky start, but he reluctantly agrees to an interview, which turns into much more than Rachael bargained for- a romance beleaguered by their differences, the complications of long distance love and the appearance of a persistent boyfriend.

An unscrupulous company dumps chemicals into in the bay, grinding the fishing industry to a halt on the island, fueling the flames of their waning love for one another and finally providing Rachael with a news story she can sink her teeth into. Together they make headlines when they solve the mystery, propelling Rachael’s career and leading to a job offer from one of the networks in New York - a life long dream...

Rachael’s obsession with her career and John’s headstrong ways strain their relationship. Someone must change their life to conform to the other’s. Sacrifices have be made. Dreams must be altered. Can two strong-willed people compromise enough to save their relationship? Warm summer breezes and romantic sunsets make falling in love real easy. But, sometimes overcoming the obstacles standing in the way of everlasting love can be much more daunting.

Full Synopsis -Tangier’s Song by John Snyder:

RACHAEL MCFARLAND (age 31), is a career-obsessed Baltimore television reporter who thrives on the excitement of city life. She has ambitions of becoming a network reporter but her resume is inadequate, stifled by “softball” stories lacking serious news value. Hoping her next assignment is “the one,” she’s angrily capitulates to a feature about the commercial fishermen of Tangier Island, a remote island in the middle of the Virginia Chesapeake Bay. This assignment sends her on a roller coaster ride which forever changes her life.

Her arrival on Tangier Island is met with a cold reception from the watermen who are hostile to mainlanders. An embarrassing moment leads to an awkward, yet fruitful meeting with JOHN CROCKETT (age 34), a handsome, laid-back commercial fisherman who reluctantly agrees to an interview aboard his boat. The chance meeting gets off to an ostentatious start, but ends in a romantic evening. She finds John intriguing, different than the rest, more sophisticated, and she soon learns why. Though he grew up on the island, he has a law degree, and had once practiced law in Richmond until a fateful phone call announcing his father’s stoke compelled him to forego his career and return to the island to run his father’s fishing business and care for his sister and niece.

Their romance is beleaguered by their vast differences, the complexity of a long distance love and the unrelenting interference from Rachael’s “on again - off again” boyfriend. Rachael accepts a job as an investigative reporter for a Richmond, VA television station, affording her the opportunity for more serious news stories, with the added benefit of being closer to John.

Missing Rachael, struggling with his unfulfilling life on the island and his desire to go back to Richmond and practice law, he confides in his lifelong friend and mentor, ZACHARIAH THOMAS, (age 81) who encourages him to “follow his heart.” But there’s the fishing business, and his sister and niece who depend on him.

John loses his boat in a storm and barely escapes with his life. This near death experience combined with his intensifying love for Rachael move John to sell his fishing business to Zachariah and return to Richmond to be with Rachael and resume his career in law. Zachariah’s blessing and his sister’s, albeit tepid, understanding alleviate his reservations, making the decision easier.

Not long after John settles into his new job, there’s a fish kill in the bay. A fishing ban is instituted, with drastic economic consequences for the watermen on the island. Toxic chemicals are the suspected cause. Rachael is assigned the story and discovers the culprit is a prominent Virginia chemical company with friends in high places. Coincidently, it’s also a client of John’s law firm which, unbeknown to him, is complicit in the acts of its client. John risks his job and his life to help Rachael get documents from the firm that will incriminate her target.

The scandal makes the national news and all those involved go to prison. Even the governor is implicated but not charged, however it costs him his re-election bid. John’s law firm is forced to close, but he soon lands a job with another firm. When the dust settles, John and Rachael get engaged and begin planning a wedding. But, a bittersweet phone call Rachael receives changes everything. She’s offered a job with ABC as a network reporter in New York City - a dream come true, but now there are complications.

She is conflicted, torn between her love for John and her new career opportunity. After much consternation, she chooses her career and moves to New York, postponing the wedding. Heartbroken, yet not wanting to stand in her way, John acquiesces but refuses to go with her. The sudden passing of Zachariah pushes him over the edge. Zachariah leaves him everything. John’s disenchantment with the legal profession grows and he succumbs to the call of the bay, quitting his job and returning to Tangier Island to run the fishing business he inherited. Things just aren’t working out for John and Rachael, her in New York and always traveling, and him on Tangier Island. The see very little of each other.

Rachael bristles at John’s suggestion that she take a job at WBAY Radio, a 5,000 watt AM station near Tangier Island which is owned by his friend. In John’s view, this solves the problem - They can be together, and Rachael can continue her career in news. Infuriated by the proposition, she breaks their engagement, choosing a life without John. But … that doesn’t seem to work for her either.
While working on the bay, John turns on the radio to listen to the morning weather report and this is what he hears …
“The weather today will be hot and humid with temperatures reaching into the mid-nineties. This afternoon, the skies will turn partly cloudy and there’s a 40 percent chance of scattered thundershowers in the late afternoon. To all my waterman buddies out there on the bay, and to my special Bay Man, John - I wish you a day of smooth sailing. This is Rachael Crockett for the voice of the bay, WBAY radio in Crisfield, Maryland.”

John looks down at his wedding band, gives it a slight twist while looking out over the water. A smile plays on his face.

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A Little About John Snyder:

In no way comparing myself to him, I’ve been told my style and tone are similar to that of Nicholas Sparks. Among those who made this comparison is Jamie Rabb, who discovered him and who until recently was President and Publisher at Grand Central Publishing. Though some may say this genre is overdone, sales records seem to reflect a continued public yearning for stories with deep reaching emotions that take the reader on an impassioned and sentimental journey. Tangier's Song does just that. Jamie published my first book, The Golden Ring - A Christmas Story (Warner Books 2001), which sold extremely well, was warmly received by readers and received ample publicity. It was also published in Germany by Deutscher Taschenenbuc, a German publisher.

I am a member of The Authors Guild. Before retiring I owned and operated an award-winning public relations/advertising/sports marketing firm in the Baltimore, MD/Washington, DC Area for nearly twenty-five years. I have written a screenplay based on my book The Golden Ring - A Christmas Story which was a semi-finalist in the Search Screenwriting Awards and it made it to the top 25% in the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards. The screenplay has been optioned twice and is currently under consideration with a producer. I have completed another book, a 54,000 word Christmas novella entitled Jacob's Bell, and a I’m currently writing a Vietnam Era love story, The Bracelet. It’s no stretch to say I am one of the hardest working authors you will ever meet whose strong suit is marketing and getting my books in the hands of readers.

Contact Information:

John Snyder
357 Cornwallis Drive
Mocksville, NC 27028
Cell: 336-409-1660

It is my sincere hope that, after reviewing this information, you will contact me, or if this is not right for you, you will get back to me with a recommendation of someone at your company that you feel would be interested. Thank you for your consideration.
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