Publisher's Page Regarding Jacob's Bell - A Christmas Story
Thank you for visiting my Publisher's Page, designed to give interested publishers information about my project, Jacob's Bell - A Christmas Story. I hope you will review my information and consider giving Tangier's Song a home with your company.

Jacob's Bell (Christian Fiction) is 54,000 words long. Here is a sample about the story.

NOTE: The story is set in Chicago and Baltimore in 1944 with flashbacks backs to the 1920s.

Sometimes to road to redemption and forgiveness can be a rocky one. Thatís what Jacob MacCallum discovered on his arduous journey. At one time, Jacob had it all; wealth, a wonderful family and he was one of the most respected businessmen in Chicago. Then he made some bad decisions and all that changed. For the past twenty years he has been in an alcohol induced haze, riddled with guilt for the dreadful things he has done to his family and his role in the untimely death of his wife. Estranged from his family and penniless, he has been living in jails, on the street and jumping freight trains for transportation. Realizing he is on the downhill side of life, Jacob embarks on a journey to find his children, seek their forgiveness and reunite with them. Befriended by a pastor at a Salvation Army mission, he struggles to transform his life, finally overcoming his demons, but not without a fair number of setbacks. Jacob becomes a Salvation Army Bell Ringer at Christmastime. While ringing his bell on a street corner he meets a young girl who, through a series of strange coincidences, leads him back to his family and facilitates his forgiveness just in time for Christmas.

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A Little About John Snyder:

I am a previously published author, The Golden Ring - A Christmas Story (Warner Books 2001), which sold extremely well, was warmly received by readers and received ample publicity. It was also published in Germany by Deutscher Taschenenbuc, a German publisher (2001). I sold the subsidiary rights to Family Circle Magazine and they published a nine page condensed version of the book in their December 2000 issue.

I am a member of The Authors Guild. Before retiring I owned and operated an award-winning public relations/advertising/sports marketing firm in the Baltimore, MD/Washington, DC Area for nearly twenty-five years. I have written a screenplay based on my book The Golden Ring - A Christmas Story which was a semi-finalist in the Search Screenwriting Awards and it made it to the top 25% in the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards. The screenplay has been optioned twice and is currently under consideration with a producer. I have completed another book, an 84,000 word love story entitled Tangier's Song, and a Iím currently writing a Vietnam Era love story, The Bracelet. Itís no stretch to say I am one of the hardest working authors you will ever meet whose strong suit is marketing and getting my books in the hands of readers.

Contact Information:

John Snyder
357 Cornwallis Drive
Mocksville, NC 27028
Cell: 336-409-1660

It is my sincere hope that, after reviewing this information, you will contact me, or if this is not right for you, you will get back to me with a recommendation of someone at your company that you feel would be interested. Thank you for your consideration.
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Publisher's Page Regarding Jacob's Bell - A Christmas Story